Stratford-upon-Avon – birthdays, spa, sunshine and theatre

My mother does not look (or act) her age. I mean what *bleep* year old woman calls a loony driver a dicksplash. Come on.

Im not allowed to reveal her age, I won’t run the risk of disembowelment.


Anyway, for the mothers *bleep* birthday me and my sister knew we needed to do something special. So of course we left all the planning up to mom cause no one can guess what this lady would want.

We booked a spa weekend in Statford Manor in Stratford upon Avon. We booked the weekend deal which was a fairly decent price for a night in the hotel, 3 meals, a spa treatment each and use of the pool / sauna etc.

Cute lunch box on arrival!

Now I’m not a massive fan of spa’s and that sort of thing but my sister and mom absolutely loved it and even I could appreciate it was a lovely lovely place to stay. And my favourite part, it was close the Stratford town. So on the Saturday, after a wonderful breakfast (mmm), we headed into Stratford.

Such a beautiful little town! So much history and so many things to check out. Birthplace of none other than William Shakespeare! I can’t believe I’ve never been before and I will definitely be planning a second visit. (Update; I did go for second visit, this time BOAT TRIPS.)

Midsummer’s night dream lamppost!

After wandering round in the surprising sunshine we decided a visit to a theatre was in order. We chose The Other Place theatre, one of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s theatres. It was adorably cute and quirky. The mischeif festival was on tickets for a double bill of plays were usually £15 each or £5 for under 25’s, but they have a selection of 70p tickets avaialable on the door each day which we managed to get! 70p each for two shows! Bargainssssss!

The two shows I saw were Earthworks and Myth. I’m telling you they were fantastic. And that’s pure fact.

Earthworks – (by Tom Morton-Smith) “On the eve of the activation of the Large Hadron Collider, two strangers – a journalist and a scientist – share their experiences of loss and hope in a funny but deeply touching one-act play.”

My favourite was without a doubt Myth though. It was the most intense and intelligently created piece of theatre I have ever seen. I cannot express how glad I am to have seen it.

Myth – (by Matt Hartley and Kirsty Housley) “In one wine-fuelled evening, two couples debate their materialistic lifestyle. As their dinner party descends into chaos, their friendship and their lives are irreparably changed. A theatrical experiment into those things we don’t want to see or say.”

I honestly believe it should be compulsory watching for everyone ever. Get this thing filmed and up on Netflix! If Okja can inspire a new wave of vegetarians / vegans then this play will be a massive boost for environmental / green / global warming communities. I cannot even put into words how well-made, clever and captivating the whole production was. It had brilliant actors/actresses, it was immersive, funny, thought-provoking, it had twists and surprises. I can’t even. I even bought the paperback screenplay they were selling on the door so I can read it over and over.

Genuinely, I’m not even being overly dramatic (which I often am). Neither me, my mom or my sister spoke a single word after it finished. We left the theatre and walked back to the car in complete silence (that’s saying quite a lot for us three as well). Mind-blowing.

“I can only see wrong choices. Things that will make everything worse.” – Myth.

Safe to say, Stratford-upon-Avon will always hold a special place in my heart and my next trip will hopefully involve more theatre and *drum-roll* boat-trips!


I’m planning a post on things to do in Stratford, (lots more visits will be needed as research…) But if you happen to know some great things to do, let me know! Comment, message me or I’m on twitter @ emflorenceblog ! xxx


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