Digbeth Dining Club

It was a lovely summers day- no, scratch that- it was a warm but muggy Saturday afternoon in Birmingham. After a quick trip bouldering with Boobs, (in which she tried desperately not to break her bones and I tried desperately to assure her she was better at this than she remembered), we decided to go to the much hyped up Digbeth Dining Club.

Stroll through pigeon park, down to the bullring and then the long road to Digbeth all the way to the oldest pub in Birmingham, the Old Crown. Cut through the custard factory cause who can resist the chance to walk past the green man? And here we are on Lower Trinity Street.

But wait, it’s eerily quiet. 

I’m pretty much a baby about going new places, especially super hip, indie places where I never feel cool enough to fit in. So I’d imagined Lower Trinity Street to be lined with food stalls, loads of hipsters milling about, drinking and chatting. But no. It was silent. 

So here’s my immediate thoughts; oh no it’s been cancelled and I’ve dragged Boobs down here for no reason! I’m frantically scrolling through the official instagram page for some answers whilst desperately trying to not look completely lost and out of place. 

Eventually we followed a man with a bottle of tomato ketchup in hand into Spotlight. And finally! People! Beer! A DJ! And through the back door of Spotlight we find the food! 

Ohhh it smells delicious! So much on offer how do you choose?

I finally settled on the halloumi fries fro Street Chef I’d seen on Instagram, because yum yum!

So we settled on some chairs with our halloumi and beer and enjoyed the super chill atmosphere.

Which we of course followed up with delicious pancakes! #flippingfantastic 

The food is all cooked in front of you and it’s incredible quality and such variety to choose from!

And you can go and sit inside Spotlight or Mama Roux and grab a drink and listen to the DJ. 

Everyone was really friendly, I had a chat with the guy sat next to us about whether you could class halloumi fries as a medical necessity for a Saturday afternoon.

Digbeth Dining club is on every Friday and Saturday evening from 5pm. It’s one of the many hidden gems of Birmingham, a must if you live or are visiting Birmingham and an excellent way to end an busy day. 

You can follow Digbeth Dining Club on Facebook, Instagram @digbethdiningclub and twitter @digbethdiner for news and updates (and yummy pics of delicious food)!

Let me know if you’ve been and what delicious food you tried!


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