My Red Tent Women

The Red Tent movement is about your tribe of women, sisterhood, empowerment and supporting eachother.

It’s so important to have a network of women to lean on. Your red tent women are the women in your life who support you the most, your soul sisters and best friends, your family or a stranger you met on a bus who had a profound effect on your life.

These are my Red Tent women, who are yours?

My work gals. I don’t even work with them anymore but we still meet regularly for gym or coffee or cocktails.

We have a group chat where we can give eachother advice, make plans and talk about the good and bad in our life. To some it’s just a group chat, but to me it’s so much more. It’s my safe place full of friends and laughter no matter where I am.

These women are always there for me. We always make time for each other. And as well as having a gossip and meeting up. They are always full of support and wisdom for all the endeavors in life, career based or otherwise.

My twin. There’s no better friend than a sister. With me and twin this is so true. We both have the same personality, a million private jokes and a wicked sense of humour, so I always know where to go when I need a laugh.

There’s absolutely no judgement between us. We can and do tell eachother everything and anything. This is the woman you’d go to to help you bury a body. No questions. Pure trust, support and love.

We always keep in touch through we’re both moved out now. There’s no one in the world I’m more comfortable with than her. I’d be lost without her. (She’d be horrified at all the soppy.)

Boobs. Oh my darling boobs. She is The Best Friend. The one you do everything with, grown up together, inside jokes x a billion billion, knows all your secrets etc etc.

Bestest pals since we were 10 / 11 years old. Started high school together and now we’re 21. Adults with real adult life stuff. Like responsibilities. She’s the one that makes me feel like I’m still a kid, carefree and crazy. But at the same time is doing all this adult stuff with me.

It doesn’t matter if we go a week without meeting up, when we do it’s like no time has passed at all. She knows me better than anyone,. We know eachother and have each others backs like a couple who’ve been married 30 years. (Fun fact; we actually beat 3 married couples in a game of Mr & Mrs.)

One word has us both laughing like hyenas. (Fun example; bagel.) (Don’t ask) We really do have too many inside jokes. We are a part of each other’s family 100%. Can tell eachother anything with no judgements. (My other helper of choice for body burying.) She’s my rock and we’re gonna grow old together. (Another one who’ll pull a face at the soppy.)

The idea of a red tent stems from mentrual huts used in ‘primitive societies’. A place where women who go for their mentruation periods so they were seperate from the rest of the community. This idea was brought back into popular culture by the 1997 novel by Anita Diamant called The Red Tent. There is also a Lifetime mini series called Red Tent (see the main image for this post). But women are now arranging real red tent meetings, and they have an altogether different purpose. Arranged for the full moon women from all walks of life come together to support and empower eachother. Beautiful.



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