Who Should I Vote For? -2017 General Election.

Unsure who to vote for? Take this quiz and find out! (Who doesn’t love a good quiz??)

Around 30% of eligible voters did not vote in the 2010 UK general election. What difference could that unheard third have made? (Ha, unheard third. It rhymes.)

Sure politics can be boring and your one vote might not seem like it’s going to make a difference. But it’s that thinking style that leads to such a huge percentage not having a say. This is your future, make your voice heard.

I urge you to utilise this power. 

(Marco urges you too! See he even made a postcard…)

I know it seems there are no perfect choices. They’re all money grabbing idiots that don’t really care what you want. But the people who don’t vote are the people that politicians don’t care about. Think about it, if under 25’s are the least likely to vote then why would politicians bother to promise change for them? Take a stand, vote and make them listen to you.

If you really know nothing about politics and don’t feel like you can make an informed decision, then educate yourself! It’s so important, this is literally a decision about your future.

This quiz is impartial, it uses your views and opinions on key policies to suggest what parties ideals are most aligned to your own. It’s a great place to start if you really don’t know who to vote for.



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