Lunchtime update – BBQ chicken pittas (Veggie) 

Lunchtime updates is my everyday food. No makeup or expensive ingredients and you know it takes no time at all because I’m lazy…

This post is not meant to be awe-inspiring. It’s basically the blogging equivalent of that annoying habit of instagramming your dinner…

So today it was super warm so I wanted something quick I could munch in the garden. 

This is literally as as simple as;

.Quorn chicken pieces (fried)

.Tesco Chinese Style BBQ Marinade (poured on fried chicken, leave it on the heat for a tiny bit so it goes sticky mmm) 

.Bread of some description (Pitta, wraps whatevs)

.Salad (of your choice, I like the peppery salad in a bag from Tesco. *cough* lazy *cough*)

.and some mayo (cause I love mayo. Mayo on everything. Mayo for president.)

And that is all. Perfect snack, perfect garden picnic food or you could make a little plate of them as a (more exciting than cheese sandwich) veggie option for a buffet!

Anyway it’s surprisingly tasty for something that requires 0 effort! 



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