Let’s climb! (Birmingham Bouldering Centre)

I love rock-climbing.

I’ve been going with my dad since I was little. But with work and general adult life stuff getting in the way it’s been difficult to keep up.

When a couple of the guys at my old job found out I used to climb they offered to take me to Birmingham Bouldering Centre. Literally 5 mins from where I worked and I had no idea it was there.

Of course we immediately formed a climbing club, planned team outfits (matching caps and jackets), chants and imagined ourselves as champion climbers.

(It didn’t turn out that way, as lawyers they were notorious last minute ditchers.)

So close to to the city centre, 5mins from Snow Hill and 15 from New Street, it’s just ideal. And because it’s bouldering rather than rope climbing, I don’t need to rely on the unreliable work colleagues ’cause you can do it solo!

There are so many reason to fall in love with rock-climbing.

It’s a great work out for one. Seriously uses muscles I didn’t even know I had. And it’s fun. I do go to the gym but never consistently because yawn. But climbing is exercise I actually look forward to. It’s a hobby and a workout.

It’s a sport that you don’t need to be sporty to be good at. It’s such a mix of strength and balance and skill. It doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall, strong or not. And best of all doesn’t require aim or hand eye coordination in the same way as like football or netball or whatever stupid sport they try to talk me into at work. (I’m bad at sport in general.)

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever climbed before because this place has routes for all levels. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing there’s a route in there you can get to the top of. Also everyone is super friendly. It must be a climber thing. The staff are awesome and helpful. And every single time I’ve been, without fail, some fellow climber has offered me tips and help after I’ve fallen off a wall eight times in a row and am sat on the floor glaring at the walls as if it has intentionally thrown me off.

I go a few times a week now, mostly with the other half (he wouldn’t approve any of the photos I took of him) and he’s started taking his mates. It’s a perfect plan for a rainy afternoon when you want to do something abit different. And it’s my go-to recommendation for stag dos and hen parties (before the insane alcohol intake).

If you’re ever in Birmingham I highly recommend you pop along!



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